Do you use only Istanbul Park for deliveries and returns in Istanbul?

If you demand otherwise at the contract stage, we can drop off vehicles at other authorised dealers in the European side. Because vehicles will be subject to inspection at the time of return, they should be returned to our office in Istanbul Park.

Vehicle Delivery Guide

If you have any question about the document, please contact Intercity After-Sales Service. You can contact our after-sales service representatives via telephone, mail, or live support, using the details in the contact section.

When can I pick up my vehicle?

When the finance department approves your lease, your contract will be prepared and sent to your company. The contract signed by the authorised signatories of your company in accordance with the signature circular will be checked by our company and approved if no deficiency is found. If the vehicle you demand is present in our vehicle inventory, it will be shipped, and probably delivered in 1 week. If the vehicle is present in the inventory of an authorised dealer, it will be purchased and probably delivered in 10 days. When a vehicle is not present in any of the inventories, delivery times to be notified by the suppliers will prevail.

The delivery of my vehicle is delayed. Can I get a courtesy / replacement car?

When the delivery of your original vehicle is delayed, a vehicle with similar features will be supplied and made available to you. The terms of use of the courtesy car will be same as those of your original vehicle.