Do you offer accommodation services to users who are stranded on the roadside?

Our customers who suffer from a problem with their vehicle on the road are quickly assisted to prevent any grievance, but no accommodation services are offered.

Can I have my own toll sticker (OGS) attached to the car?

You can apply for a toll sticker (OGS or HGS) for the leased vehicle by obtaining an authorisation letter from our invoicing department.

There are a few months left on the lease contract. Can I buy the car that I have been driving?

You can buy the car you have been driving upon the expiry of your contract. You cannot buy the car you have been driving before your contract expires. Please consult your account manager for further information about what to do to purchase the car you have been driving after the expiry of your contract.

Who else can drive the car we have leased?

The leased cars can be used by your permanent employees.
If you have specific demands, we endeavour to produce solutions specific to your needs.
Your fleet leasing agreement clearly sets out who can use the leased vehicles. Please consult Intercity for further information.

Can we take the leased car out of the country?

You can take the leased car out of the country if the authorised officers of your company have submitted a request to that effect, and Intercity has given a written consent.
After your company delivers a letter of undertaking, the car can be taken out of the country, provided that costs relating to powers of attorney, international motor third party liability insurance, motor own damage insurance, and similar expenses are paid.
You can contact Intercity for your demands for taking a car out of the country.

How can I have the compulsory roadworthiness tests of the leased vehicles conducted?

Roadworthiness expiry dates of the vehicles leased from Intercity are tracked by Intercity, and you will be informed in writing when a compulsory roadworthiness test is due.
To avoid any problem and potential loss of time, your vehicle will be checked in detail by Intercity before the compulsory roadworthiness test.
The costs of the roadworthiness test, including Motor-vehicle Exhaust Emission testing, shall be borne by Intercity.
If you send your expense documents to the relevant Intercity agency along with your IBAN, your expenses will be paid back to your account in 7 business days.
The fees for roadworthiness testing, determined under a circular published by Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, Directorate-General of Road Transport Regulation, are announced on TÜVTÜRK website.

Can I transfer my car to another company?

Such a transfer can only be done if our financial analysis department approves the transfer.

Can we install a logo / vehicle wrap on leased vehicles?

You can install vehicle wraps consisting of commercial texts and graphics on leased vehicles in accordance with the principles set forth in the Highway Traffic Regulations. Please contact Intercity for your demands related to logo installation/vehicle wrapping.

Can I sublease the leased vehicle to others?

Unless otherwise stated in the contract, you cannot sublease a vehicle that we have leased to you.

The Procedures for Taking a Vehicle out of the Country

You should contact Intercity After-Sales Service for the necessary procedures for taking a vehicle leased from Intercity out of the country. In order to complete the procedures for taking a leased vehicle out of the country and obtain the necessary documents, you can contact our after-sales service representatives via telephone, mail or live support, using the details in the contact section.

Can we install additional equipment / accessories on leased vehicles?

You can install additional equipment on leased vehicles only with Intercity's consent. When the authorised representatives of your company communicate a written demand describing what sort of an accessory you wish to install and the license plate of the vehicle on which you will install the accessory, Intercity will evaluate your demand and answer you back.

Impoundment of vehicles by official or local authorities

The period of time during which a leased vehicle is impounded by official or local authorities for any reason will be counted of the lease term, and the amount of rent will continue to be charged. All kinds of service and salvage fees that may arise due to impoundment of a vehicle by official or local authorities will be charged to the lessee.