Where are maintenance and repair operations of vehicles carried out?

For maintenance operations, we guide you to the nearest authorised service point based on your location (with 850 service points Turkey-wide), or to our own service stations in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir.
Our service station in Dudullu, Istanbul is managing the largest service operation in Turkey, holding authorised service certificates for several brands (seventeen brands in total). The technical teams in our service stations have been certified by the Ministry of National Education. However, we cannot show these brand names on our signboard because, in that case, we will have to accept also the retail customers of those brands.
Nevertheless, we are able to complete operations much faster in our own service stations than in other authorised service stations, and our customers do not have to wait.

Do you use Original Parts in Maintenance Operations?

Original parts conforming to EU standards are used in our service stations in accordance with Block Exemption Regulations.

Do you provide services in any province outside the 7 regions?

We have offices in 7 regions. We have more than 1,000 authorised service points Turkey-wide.

Can you offer 7/24 after-sales service? Do you provide this service through the call centre?

During office hours, you will be served by your dedicated account manager. Outside office hours, this service is offered to you by our contracted assistance services.

Suppose my car broke down while I was driving on a highway at midnight outside office hours, and I was stranded on the side of the road. In that case, would you send a courtesy car to that location?

We will send a tow truck or roadside assistance to the place where your car is located, and we will deliver you a courtesy car within the replacement period set forth in the contract.

What should I do when my car suffers a breakdown?

In case of any breakdown of your vehicle, you should take the necessary safety measures, and call Intercity After-Sales Service for help.
Intercity will arrange the necessary roadside assistance.
You can contact our after-sales service representatives via telephone, mail, or live support, using the details in the contact section.
Additional Information: You should check the warning lights while driving (heat panel, engine warning light, security system warnings, etc.).
If you fail to pay attention to these warnings, your car may break down and this may invalidate the warranty. When you notice such warnings, you should not continue to drive, and call Intercity for help.
Please do not forget to take your car to routine maintenance, otherwise your car may breakdown and your warranty may no longer be valid.
Do not allow maintenance or any operation to be carried out on your car without the consent of Intercity. If your contract contains a provision that you can send an invoice to Intercity for the operations performed on your vehicle, you should first pay the invoice related to the operations performed with the consent of Intercity. You should then submit the original invoice issued to our company (see below for invoice details) and the payment receipt, and after that the reimbursement amount will be paid to your current account.
Ekim Turizm Tic. ve San. A.Ş
Büyük Mükellefler V.D.: 328 034 1070
Mersis: 0-3280-3410-7000019
Ticaret Sicili: İSTANBUL / 283629-0
In cases when it is not appropriate to move the vehicle after damage or breakdown (particularly if a warning light is on, or oil or water is leaking), Intercity will provide the necessary assistance such as towing and a courtesy car.