Is it true that you charge extra fees in vehicle returns?

No extra fees are charged if the declaration rights granted during the contract term have been exercised and the necessary repairs have been made before returning the vehicle.
If a customer has not exercised the declaration rights before returning the vehicle and wishes to exercise the declaration rights once the vehicle has been returned, he may not benefit from motor own damage insurance as the contract term has expired.
If any damage remains unrepaired after returning the vehicle, existing damage will be invoiced to the customer, supplying the customer with the documents and photographs of the damage.

About Vehicles Not Returned at the End of a Lease

If a vehicle is not returned at the end of a lease, the following lease fees shall apply for each day of delay.
In cases when a courtesy car is supplied due to breakdown, damage or maintenance and the courtesy car is not returned to the place where it was initially picked up although the customer has been informed that the operations have been completed, the following lease fees shall apply for each day of delay:
Lease Fees

Vehicle Return Guide

This document describes the evaluation process carried out on a vehicle when it is returned. Please click the link to access the document:
Vehicle Return Guide